Early Access version of KAKU:Ancient Seal is now on sale!


        Are you ready to accept the trial of the creator and showcase your fearlessness and strength? The Early Access version of KAKU: Ancient Seal is now available on Steam, priced at $24.99 / €24.5.


        The Early Access build will feature a 30+ hour open-ended campaign, with the core gameplay consistent with the upcoming full release. KAKU: Ancient Seal contains four huge maps, a variety of monster types, and a slew of epic boss battles. Additionally, there are four huge puzzle-solving levels and legions of combat encounters with a vast variety of foes. Scattered throughout the land are countless collectables, such as chests, sacred stones and essences, offering adventurers plenty of reasons to explore KAKU’s world to the fullest.

        The adventure begins now! Unlock the Ancient Seal, release the dormant power of the creator, and engage in epic battles against monsters who have absorbed the power of elements!

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